Andy Baio On Redesigning

More people than ever before are able to express themselves on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Medium, YouTube, Pinterest, and countless other social platforms. All of that is great.

But there a few reasons why I’m sad about the decline of independent blogging, and why I think they’re still worth fighting for.

Ultimately, it comes down to two things: ownership and control.

I started redesigning my page a few weeks ago for a few reasons: I wanted to start writing again and my site was unprofessionally sad. It’s fitting this entire post came across my feed because I struggled too wonder if this was worth it given the Mediums and Twitters of the Internet. I am not sure what I want to do with this yet. I just know I want to do something with it. It’s not about audience development or a newsletter for me right now. Might cross post certain things on Medium or better integrate Twitter in the near term. But like Baio said, it’s a work in progress.


Jorge 3.0

I am about five months in to being a 30-year-old and I have promised myself some sort of introspective analysis of my life to-date. But rather than do that, I decided to instead take inventory of the person I am and layout some improvements for the coming year. Aside from the usual (lose weight, play less video games, save money) was to get back to blogging. I used to run a poorly-written, poorly researched and incredibly fun blog in my early twenties that I parlayed into a pretty decent digital media career (so far).

I have written a lot of things in my life but I don’t remember being happier than when I was getting into trouble writing that crappy blog.

And while I would love the opportunity to sit down with early twenties Jorge and discuss a few of his posts there were a lot of things I admire about who I was when I was writing that blog that I want to find again. As much of a shit show as 2016 has been, one thing is clear. The need for level headed, rational voices on the Internet is at an all time high. But more importantly, I am going to be a dad this year. I owe my daughter the happiest, most well-adjusted father I can muster. So here we go.