Most programming doesn’t require a special brain, but it’s more frustrating and messier than anyone lets on. There are thousands of enthusiastic blog posts, classes and apps that aim to entice you with the promise of a slick, unequivocal procedure for learning to code. They rarely mention the tedium of getting your environment set up (which, trust me, even the nicest of your programmer friends don’t want to help you with, because that stuff is mad frustrating and nobody remembers how they did it).

…They don’t tell you that a lot of programming skill is about developing a knack for asking the right questions on Google and knowing which code is best to copy-paste. And they don’t let you in on a big secret: that there is no mastery, there is no final level. The anxiety of feeling lost and stupid is not something you learn to conquer, but something you learn to live with.

The Atlantic roams around Miami asking folks to share their smartphone’s most recent photo. Among the findings: a dude who walks around with a GoPro camera mounted on a giant cup. 


Bic BICMM11 4-Color Ballpoint Pen - Love this thing. It’s great for taking notes in a meeting or reviewing stuff. 

Stainless Steel Money Clip - It’s fairly generic. 

iPhone 5S with an Evutec Karbon S Wood Snap Case for iPhone - I love this case because it protects the phone from scuffs, doesn’t add any bulk and it extremely unique. The bamboo gives it a nice feel in the hand. 

Apple Earpods - Conference calls or jazz marathons, it matters not. Much sturdier than their predecessors. 

Roosevelt Supply Card Case - Very soft leather carrying case. Love it. 

Pebble Smartwatch with NATO strap

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My stuff was featured on EDC!
  • Camera: Nikon D60
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • Exposure: 1/8th
  • Focal Length: 22mm


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My stuff was featured on EDC!


Tomorrow, we’re introducing the latest incarnation of (but you get a sneak peek!). You’ll see the same site whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and that site will include new features, including neighborhood pages that gather news, restaurant reviews and more Times coverage specific to each part of L.A. We hope you like it!

FCC: We'll Treat Internet Like Telephones if That's What It Takes

Or they can just do that now and really save us all a ton of trouble.